Friday, March 16, 2012

My Mission Photos

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  1. Talofa Elder Fitisemanu 111

    Fa'apefea mai 'oe? Fa'amoemoe olo'o e malosi. O a mai le MTC? E pisi tele outou? O a mai lau paga (companion) fou ile MTC? Are you two getting along? Who is he and where is he from? Fa'amoemoe olo'o e malosi lava ma loto tele. I know so...You are a strong valiant servant of our Lord and Savior. Once you land on the island and actually start proselyting and make contact with the island people, you will begin to feel and realize that you are on land of you roots and ancestors, and especially the name "FITISEMANU" you must carry it with honor and dignity. And above all, you are representing the Lord. He entrusted His will and power and authority to act accordingly, as if He were here. I pray for your health and strength, wisdom and knowledge of the gospel, patient, love, humility and compassion for those you come in contact with. Be nice and love your companion. Keep your room neat and clean all'll feel serenity and love every day when you do that. It helps with your health wise, etc. Well, I took too much. I love very much. You'll do fine!!!!!!!!!

    Alooooofa tele atu.