Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First P-Day Update!

Attention All Followers! :)

Elder Fitisemanu's P-Days are on Tuesdays, which means if you would like to send him anything, depending on when you send it, he should get it every Tuesday while in the MTC. Theres a new page as well, which has his contact information on it:) 

For those of you who are awaiting an email, I apologize, I will try to get him to send one this upcoming Pday. I dont think he quite understands what/how to forward an email to a group of people. Lol Killing me, but fear not I'll get on that! Haha 

All that I have gathered in his personal email to me was that he loves being at the MTC and gets homesick a lot but the scriptures and praying keeps him going<3 His comments on his commpanion were: "He's Irrits!" lol He says that he has recognized the feeling of the spirit and loves it so much that he cant believe he's lived without it before. He councels all of us to continue to read our scriptures and pray daily:')

Til' next time. 
Alofa Tele,
Elder Fitisemanu's Secretary Lol

PS. I called the MTC to get Elder Fitisemanus Mail box number (to make sure my letters got sent to him), and they informed me that it's #93 :') They also informed me that his departure day is on May 23, 2012<3 So please send your love to him! I know he appreciates them. <3

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