Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Words and Counsel

Talofa lava family and friends of Elder Fitisemanu<3

I hope your week is going well and that this email finds you in good spirits. Below (and attached) is a copy of Elder Fitisemanu's weekly update. Because the MTC strictly manages the time they are allowed on their emails, our Elder figured it would be easier to just send a mass email to everyone regarding his update. Since he is still new at this and still isn't sure how to do this, he asked that I forward his message to you. I apologize that I was not able to get this to you all in a timely manner, our area has been experiencing outages restricting my access to wifi to get this to you sooner:/ On a better note, please read on and enjoy the words and counsel from one of Gods chosen servants:')

"Hey baby just again, idk how to send it to everyone lol can you do it for me please?
I love you!!!!
here it goes!
Malo Soifua i tatou uma!!!
 Well this is considered my third week in the MTC and its great, ive learned so much since i have been here and going on a mission is the best choice ive ever made. I would like to focus my message today on the purpose of a missionary. Our purpose is to INVITE others to come unto christ by HELPING them recieve the restored gospel by having faith in jesus christ repentance and bapitism and enduring to the end. As missionaries or maing focus is on inviting and helping others to come into the gospel. We invite them by giving them commitments and inviting them to activities and ex. and we help them by teaching them and making sure that they understand. investigators must build a foundation of faith on their own. all we do is invite them and help them recieve it but they need to develop their own faith in jesus christ cause if they dont believe it for themseleves than we got nothing. They need to be willing to repent for all their sins or misdeeds that they have had in their life cause everyone is human and we all make mistakes and we are all trying to overcome the natural man. Than they need to have the want to be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of god. once they become bapitized they will have the constant companionship of the agaga pa'ia aka the holy ghost for the rest of their life only if!! they endure to the end. Enduring to the end is the hardest part for most investigators and even most memebers today. we need to constantly have faith in jesus christ attend our church meetings and go to the temple regurarly and choose the right. god says in the scriptures that if we dont endure to the end its better off if we just never knew him. endure to the end my family. sometimes something so simple can be so hard. and everyine holding the priesthood! dont ever be afraid to use your priesthood. its power and authority given to us by god. for the only way to break this sacred convenant is to not use your priesthood at all and even than god says it would be best if we just didnt know him at all. i feel like im all over the place but in my head i feel like i sound like a prophet lol but endure to the end even i after my mission will endure to the end cause its the sadest thing when a missionary gets home and falls away cause they dont endure to the end. for example when i get home i plan to marry ayesha matagi magalei and have a family and have a good solid carreer wich is a chiropractor and make sure that we have a gospel centerd home and we continue to go to church. heavenly father wants us to all return to him and if we do not endure to the end we will not. well my family i want you all to know that i love you all and im praying for all of you constantly i testify to you all that this is the true church of god and jesus christ on the earth today. i know that the book of mormon is true i know that a mission defines and shapes a boy into the man that he is going to be for the rest of his life and i hope and pray that all of you young men go on your mission. i leave this with you all and i hope i made sense in what i was trying to get accross lol i love every single one of you and i look forward to next tuesday to share more council.
alofa ia te tatou uma!"

Thank you all for your love and support<3 Please continue to remember Elder Fitisemanu in your daily prayers & fasting<3 I know that he would LOVE to hear from you via email and letters. Feel free to share this with those who haven't heard from him yet and whom you feel will benefit from this:') Love you all! Til next week.

Elder Fitisemanu's Secretary:)

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  1. Talofa lava Elder Fitisemanu,

    Fa'amoemoe olo'o e manuia lava ma maua le tino malosi. Ua 'au lelei tele outou ile tou ata. You sound like you are enjoying your mtc training, building a bond with your companion, and feeling the spirit as you continue to learn rules and regulation, as well as the culture, reinforcing your knowledge of being a true servant of your Lord. Elder Fitisemanu, I pray for you always and put your name in the temple prayer roll. Your g/ma and I loves you very much. May the agaga pa'ia musumusu ia te 'oe i aso uma.

    Alofa Tele,